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Welcome to SyriaJOB Ltd.

You are busy.... You need assistance?

You need to boost your business in Syria ... Or looking for new opportunities ...


No problem... We can be your guide in the Syrian Market

Just take few minutes to visit our website and see for yourself the various solutions we provide in SyriaJOB Ltd.

We are  Reliable   Professional   Experienced

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Finding Employees

The right person in the right place is the key to company success. Therefore, Syriajob provides business establishments with various solutions to easily find right candidates; either by promoting job vacancies, searching thousands of candidates’ resumes without commission or advertising effectively.

Moreover, business establishments can rely on our "Employment Assistance Service" that is especially tailored for busy responsible in a small and medium business. Or for a business where no enough HR responsible are available to fulfil the job; Assistance is also available in legal HR services

All these services are available so that you can reach for the best recruits for your business as easily and simply as possible

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Real Estate Services

As Property Owner, Real-Estate Company, Intermediate or Property Seeker ...

We can provide you with important services in promoting or searching for a property

Thousands of offers covering different types of properties: Lands, Apartments, Villas, Warehouses even Restaurants & Hotels in thousands of different areas are available at your fingertips; detailed, pictured and organized .. for No Commission

Moreover, Syriajob Ltd. can provide you with special Real Estate services as well as legal Real Estates services ...

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Business Advice

We provide investors and companies with various consultancy services to assist them in establishing a new business in Syria or getting introduced to the Syrian market

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Legal Services

Time is money, therefore..the necessary Legal and legal HR services for establishing a new business in Syria and saving a big deal of time of effort and time are also provided by SyriaJOB

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Advertising and Marketing Services

You can reach for thousands of companies and individuals in Syria and keep them updated with your news, new products and services, or simply congratulate them on occasions using the best tailored services we provide

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